Web Design

We design and build websites for businesses, events, charities and creative projects. Our passion is for creating high quality, reasonably-priced sites that do justice to our clients’ vision.

We always fit the website to the client, not the other way round. We will build a website that’s appropriate to your needs – whether that’s a single page suitable for a hobbyist or a completely bespoke e-commerce business site.

If you have existing branding, such as logos on stationery or vehicles, we will build this into your website. But if you want us to fully design the look of your project, we can do that too. We’re even happy to tweak existing websites built by other designers.

Keeping it simple

We know that the internet can be a confusing place. And to be honest, you probably have better things to do than learn a load of website jargon.

That’s why we work hard at keeping things simple. Right from our first conversation, you’ll find us friendly, prompt and efficient. We talk to you about your website in straightforward language, and we keep you informed at every stage of the design process.

How it works

Our design process puts you at the centre of things. Here’s how it works:

  • First discussion. You tell us a little about your project. We offer some initial ideas on how your website might work.
  • Quotation. You get a clear price for the work, with no obligation to buy.
  • Design. We show you some ideas and recommendations for your website’s design. If you like the concept, we start building your site.
  • Refine. Based on your feedback, we adjust and refine the design, keeping you informed at all stages.
  • Go live! Once you’re happy with the completed design, you tell us to push the button – and your website is up and running!

You can read about how we worked with real clients in our portfolio.