Based in Eastbourne, Wyntercon is an annual comic/scifi-fantasy/horror convention. Visitors of all ages indulge their inner nerds, dress in strange costumes and generally have a grand time. Wyntercon is the brainchild of event manager, management consultant and company director Andy Kybett, who has developed the weekend event year on year. In 2015, 1500 people attended on Saturday (tickets sold out in advance!) and Sunday saw a further 700 visitors.

Sanders Web Works has designed the event’s website since it’s inauguration on 2014, and is delighted to be continuing that role in 2016.  Careful structuring of the site was needed to accommodate the numerous news items, blog posts and articles. Visually, the design has to retain its essential brand from year to year, but adapt in line with the changing attractions. Artist and graphic designer Rose Katherine Khan praised the site as ‘gorgeous’ and commented on our attention to detail!