Watson’s Court Podiatry

Located in Melksham, Watson’s Court Podiatry has been providing podiatry services for over 20 years. The clinic benefits from two very experienced HCPC-registered podiatrists as well as a convenient location and wheelchair access. In addition to a full range of more usual podiatric procedures, Watson’s Court Podiatry offers two sought-after services: nail surgery on ingrown toenails and biomechanical assessment/orthotic prescription.

The clinic’s existing site had become rather tired and was badly in need of an update. We were delighted to build a new site that reflected the clinic’s professionalism and high standards.

Throughout this project, we worked very closely with the owner. The clinic had invested a lot of time and energy in creating its offline marketing materials; it was therefore important that the website made use of these. This would allow a consistent message and branding. Our designer was able to successfully incorporate their existing graphics into a fresh-looking design.

We designed the home page so that it highlights the clinic’s three core offerings of podiatry services, nail surgery for ingrown toenails and orthotics. The interactive foot feature allows users to quickly identify a foot problem, then discover how the clinic can help them. This clever feature adds interest and makes the site more interactive. We also added video footage provided to us to illustrate the role of orthotics.

We feel that the site is modern, crisp and clean, yet retains the identity and character that the clinic had established through its offline marketing. Please take a look.