Lambourn Racing

Lambourn Racing is a horse racing tipping service. The owner posts up between seven and ten bets per week, and the service achieves impressive successes. Subscribers pay around 82p a day to access the member areas of the site, where any tips will be posted by 12:30pm.

The owner of Lambourn Racing approached us with a website that needed redevelopment and modification. The site didn’t work particularly well, and in particular the existing system meant that the owner had to manually email tips to his subscription list. He needed a system that (a) allowed customers to register automatically (b) allowed them to pay their subscriptions online and (c) provided a better way for subscribers to receive tips.

The site we built fulfils all of these criteria. Via a log-in facility, subscribers can now access a private page where they can view their tips. The owner has an easily navigable system that allows him to post up the daily tips, saving him time and effort.

This small, straightforward site is a good example of how a business can be optimised through a professionally-designed web system.