Blue Print Tiger

Blueprint Tiger was founded by artist Daniel Papandreou. His business acts as an intermediary between artists and clients. Clients can add commissions for artwork to the site; artists can then tender for those commissions. As participating artists also show examples of their work on the site, this allows them to gain recognition and exposure. Daniel is keen to promote artistic talent within the Worcester area.

Blueprint Tiger is essentially an online business and the website is therefore the linchpin of the project. We were happy to accept a commission for such an innovative business that promotes local artists.

Daniel wanted visitors to have two distinct ways of searching for a suitable artist – by browsing through galleries of work or by looking at artist profiles. We therefore created two menus of pages, both divided up into artistic areas of expertise. We added secure areas of the site for prospective clients to upload jobs and for artists to upload their work.

As Daniel is actively promoting Blueprint Tiger through social media, these had to be given high visibility on the site. Live feeds were therefore built into the key pages.

Given the nature of the business, it was important that we made the galleries display well. Lastly, the choice of a full page design allows the visual space needed for this sort of project.

You can now visit the live Blueprint Tiger site, or read our blog post.