Willtshire Council: a longstanding connection.

Wiltshire Council provides services to the county’s 435,000 residents. With a budget of over £300 million, it is the largest employer in the county.

Since its inception, Sanders Web Works has had strong ties to Wiltshire Council. Our first office was within a council-owned enterprise centre and we were commissioned by Centre Manager Jol Rose to design improved signage for the building. As graphic design is an integral part of designing a good web page, we were well-equipped to provide a solution. Our resulting design was passed onto the sign-writers for completion.

More recently, and operating on a very tight schedule, we completed a brochure website for Digital Mansion Corsham. Set in a Grade II listed building in the heart of Wiltshire, this high-tech workspace aims to facilitate the next generation of digital entrepreneurs.

Our links with Wiltshire Council continue and we are currently working with them on an exciting new project, due for release in Q2 2019.