Toy Hunter UK is a Wootton Bassett based company that buys and sells collectible toys. Owner Nick Mulford trades successfully at toy and model fairs throughout the UK and now wants to sell toys online. Nick therefore commissioned Sanders Web Works to build him a bespoke e-commerce site.

We devised a categorising and search system, produced a logo, wrote a small amount of supporting content and integrated an e-commerce facility. In addition, we demonstrated how the system worked and how to add different products.

Why We Did What We Did…

One of the challenges for Toy Hunter UK was how to organise all the possible toys that might be sold on the site. Owner Nick provided us with a comprehensive list of possible stock, and we thought long and hard about how a toy collector might search for a particular product. What were their buying criteria? How should we group the products together?

A second consideration was how to present the toys. Looking at some competitor sites, we noticed that they tended to be cluttered with dozens of links to different pages. We decided a better approach would be to put a search facility front-and-centre. If the stock is well-organised (and we think our system is), a customer should be able to easily find what they need without selecting from a multitude of options.

Lastly, the appearance of the site had to support the type of product. We therefore chose bright, saturated colours and a friendly font.