Having completed a redesign of I-BIT’s website, we were delighted to be commissioned by them again. This time, we were tasked with producing a microsite to promote their partnership with Nutanix. I-BIT are Premier Partners for Nutanix. This Texas-based company¬† is a global leader in cloud architecture, helping enterprises across the world migrate to – and manage – their cloud IT services. Through their partnership with Nutanix, I-BIT are therefore able to offer enterprises in the UK and beyond the benefits of cheaper, more stable, more flexible IT.

The site needed to present the principal selling points, and a large amount of technical information, in an attractive and eye-catching format. Our designer achieved this through the clever placing of images, plenty of white space, and scrolling backgrounds. The content drew on material provided by Nutanix, but was reworked to give the site its own identity and to improve its search rankings. The site’s functional features include a quote form to facilitate enquiries from clients.