Mirage Signs Ltd are a Warminster based signage company. They offer an extensive range of services including signs for businesses and other organisations, safety signs, vehicle graphics and rebranding. Mirage Sign’s existing website was no longer fit for purpose, and we were commissioned to carry out a redesign. The site’s overall look was modernised – whilst incorporating the company’s existing branding – and navigation through their list of services improved. A rotating gallery of carefully selected images illustrates the diversity of their work. The owners also wanted to update the site themselves, and the underlying technology was changed to allow this.

Having had our fingers burnt with other web developers, we are always a little reluctant to let others take the reins. But we quickly gained confidence in you - you always adjusted/tweaked the site as instructed and maintained superb communication throughout. We would not hesitate recommending you to any potential business requiring a quality custom made website to promote their online presence. First class service and the patience of a saint.

Pete Hudson Director