Mainteno is a software system that manages all aspects of a company’s maintenance. Fault repairs and planned maintenance can be scheduled and tracked, and the system seamlessly integrates asset tracking. Despite being an award-winning design, Mainteno is marketed at a highly affordable price.

Redro, the company behind Mainteno, needed a professional website that reflected the quality of their product and supporting service. Their existing site was no longer fit for purpose. The main role of the relaunched website was to act as a source of information to support their marketing. We provided design and content aimed at presenting this information clearly. As Mainteno has diverse applications, the challenge was to structure this coherently for visitors to the site. We also emphasised the principal selling points of simplicity, adaptability, affordability and customer support.

We needed a website that showed our corporate clients that we're a credible company. I'm happy to say that's what you delivered!

David Lattimer