The Friends of Lydiard Park is an independent charity which supports and promotes interest in a historically significant house and its much-loved park, located close to Swindon.

Following our work redesigning the website for St Mary’s Church Lydiard Tregoze, which sits within Lydiard Park, we were delighted to be commissioned for this separate project. We were tasked with a complete overhaul of the charity’s existing site.

We worked closely with the charity’s board throughout the project. A crucial first stage was to work out how the charity’s work and resources — as well as the park’s historical background — could be organised within an easily navigable structure. In order to show news and ongoing developments, the site also had to be easy to update.

Visually, it was essential that users could see for themselves the elegance of Lydiard House, the beauty of the surrounding park and the importance of the charity’s ongoing work. We therefore showcased the high-quality photographs supplied by the board, embedding these in a suitably clean and classic design.

The charity’s historical research contains many fascinating glimpses into British history. We discussed with the board how the site could make the most of this, leading to a ‘living history’ section where the charity can post snippets from its archive.

We feel that the end result of this highly collaborative project is a site that’s handsome, functional and ready to adapt to future developments.