Based in Swindon, Fidenti Financial Planning provide expert, professional advice on a range of finance issues. These include mortgages, life cover, investments and pensions. The company prides itself on its integrity, pledging never to offer a product that is not in the best interests of a client, and on providing financial advice for clients at every stage in life.

We were commissioned to redesign the company website. As with many of our clients, over time their site had become rather confused and in need of a re-think. The principal driver for our design was projecting the company’s core values. The choice of home page images was crucial: using photographs of classically-designed financial buildings reinforces Fidenti Financial Planning’s key attributes of trustworthiness and integrity. We also ensured that the message of support at different life stages figured prominently. The content we provided throughout the site complemented this, as well as emphasising the efforts made by the company to make its advice clear and free from unnecessary jargon.