Vital for marketing — MV Marketing’s new site

Imagine you run a small business, and you’re looking for some professional input into your marketing. Unfortunately, every marketing agency you approach wants you to commit to a major marketing overhaul that’s eye-wateringly expensive. What you really need is a marketing agency that can work flexibly, offering just as much help as you need, and at a down-to-earth rate.

Enter MV Marketing. This Cheltenham-based company specialises in working with SMEs, helping them to access expert marketing help without breaking the bank. MV Marketing is headed up by Maria Vitale (now the title makes sense!), a marketing professional with ten years’ industry experience and a background in journalism. Maria’s company offers a broad range of marketing services, including event management, social media management, press releases and content writing, and marketing strategy and planning.

Maria approached us to design and build a website for her growing company. We provided a compact site with a crisp, modern design. In line with her company’s character, the design and colour palette suggest freshness, vibrancy and growth.  With regard to content, Maria had clear ideas about her business’s main selling points. Our role was to adapt content that she provided to fit the design and to meet search engine requirements.

Please take a look at the completed site at MV, and do visit our portfolio entry for extra comments on the build.

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