Staying faithful in financial advice — Fidenti Financial Planning

For many people, dealing with personal finance isn’t an enjoyable experience. There are complex laws to navigate, jargon to understand and the ever-present fear of getting it wrong. Fidenti Financial Planning are a company that aims to ease these problems. They offer expert financial advice in areas such as mortgages, life cover, pensions and investments.

Based in Swindon, Fidenti Financial Planning is owned and managed by Kevin Gaskin, DipFA. Kevin puts integrity at the heart of his company. He also sees financial planning as something that evolves over a clients’ life, and his company aims to offer support at every stage.

The company’s existing site was no longer fit for purpose and we were commissioned to redesign it. One of the most crucial stages of the design process is getting a feel that matches the client’s business and core values. In the case of Fidenti Financial, we needed to emphasise the trustworthiness and solidity of the company and its service. We did this through using images of classical architecture: photographs of columns and porticos that have stood the test of time. The colours too are sober without being dull. Throughout the site, the content we provided also reinforced the company ethos.

As web designers, we’re proud that, no matter the size of the site, each of our clients gets a site that matches their business and their USP. It’s plain that the designs that we used for CEC Marketing or I-BIT (for example) simply wouldn’t work with Fidenti Financial Planning, and we enjoyed adapting our approach to fit Fidenti’s needs.

We wish Kevin continued success with his business. You can see the completed site at and there are further details of the build on our portfolio entry.

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