We’re proud to support Circus Starr

image008Around 6% of children in the UK are disabled, and tens of thousands are economically or socially disadvantaged.

For these children and their families, life isn’t always easy. In all too many cases, special times spent together are few and far between.

It’s for these reasons that the Circus Starr organisation provides such a marvellous service. Since 1987, the organisation has been putting on circus shows for disadvantaged and disabled children. Over one million children have attended their shows, along with parents and carers. As their website puts it, the show gives little ones “…the chance to run away to the circus and forget their troubles for a day.”

Businesses depend on their local communities and Circus Starr offers them a great way of giving something back. By donating to Circus Starr, a business can sponsor local children to attend the circus at a nearby venue.

Sanders Web Works was therefore proud to make a donation to Circus Starr. Through our donation, a child and their parent/carer was able to attend the circus, free of any charge to them. The big day was on 13th October, with the Big Top erected at Lydiard’s Park, Swindon.

Although that’s gone, there are plenty of other tour dates available for sponsorship. We urge other businesses and individuals to consider supporting this very worthy cause.

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