Stephen Hughes Homes & Gardens of Distinction

Stephen Hughes Homes & Gardens are a family-owned horticultural business based in Royal Wootton Bassett. The owners wanted to market their topiary service, and commissioned Sanders Web Work to supply them with an appropriate website.

Rather than offering a myriad different services, the owners focus on doing one service – the supply of topiary – exceptionally well. As such a large website would not have served their needs. A better option was this compact website with just three pages:

  • A home page to outline the service and give a little background information
  • A gallery page to show off their product and service
  • A contact page.

The service is straightforward, and likely to be familiar to many homeowners. This meant that there was no need for large amounts of text to explain the proposition. Instead, we could allow the images to communicate the company message. We kept content as succinct as possible, emphasising the company selling points.

On the home page, we made full use of an excellent image supplied by Stephen. This fulfils several purposes:

  • it shows the attractive topiary to its best advantage
  • with Stephen standing by proudly, it helps establish the business as small, family-run and ‘real’ – as opposed to being a huge anonymous franchise
  • it helps cement the idea that the service is mobile – a massive convenience for customers and a key selling point.

A simple elegant design used throughout the site matches the service and the trees themselves, and increases the site’s impact. The image gallery was an essential feature and the high quality images supplied by the owners make a persuasive case!

The site will support the company’s appearances at trade shows, and in our experience this combination of online and offline marketing is the best way to make a business grow.

Please take a look at the completed design and check out our blog entry on the company too.