Monthly Payment

Our monthly payment plans help spread the cost of your website. They include hosting, management and support too.

Cash-flow heartaches

If your business is just starting up, or beginning to expand, cash-flow can be a nightmare. There is so much to pay for all at once. Getting a well-designed website built and hosted can be a significant expense, one that you could do without.

With our innovative monthly payment plan, you don’t need to struggle to find an upfront payment. The cost is spread over the minimum time of the contract (typically 18 months), allowing you to invest in other aspects of your business.

You’re not left in the lurch

Most web designers or agencies charge a one-off fee for their work, payable at the end of the build. And whilst this is suitable for some clients (we offer it too), for others, there are disadvantages.

Let’s say that two months after the site is built, you want to add another page. Or you need to update your photos, staff profiles, client testimonials, terms and conditions,  services, products, delivery options, prices. Unless you’re confident doing it yourself, you’ll have to pay someone for each and every change that you make.

And then there’s troubleshooting. Websites are hacked every day, websites crash every day. Hunting around for someone to sort those problems can be expensive, time-consuming and take your attention away from your main business.

Our monthly plans deal with all of those issues. We support and manage your website for the duration of the contract, making additions and tweaks speedily, sorting out any gremlins and preventing problems before they arise.