Business Card Website or Holding Page

Get your project online – fast! Within 2-4 days, you could be reaching an audience through an attractive single-page website. You’ll even be able to tweak the website if your details change. And all for the cost of a weekly latte!

Not every project needs a multi-page site. If all you need is to get your contact details online – perhaps with a short message or basic services information – a single-page site might best suit your needs. For less than £2.50 a week, we will build, host and maintain a single-page site to get your message out there. You won’t need any web experience or technical knowledge, and we will talk to you like a real human.

This service is particularly suitable for hobbyists, smaller micro-busnesses, and anyone in the process of rebranding.

What you get:

      • A single page website
      • Professional email address (such as
      • Domain name & hosting
      • Fixed monthly price
      • Work closely with a professional
      • Free advice and information on getting the most out of the internet
      • Super-fast turnaround time. Your web page will be live within 7 days (and typically just 1-2 days).

Additional information:

    • Website: single page built from customised template.
    • Email: forwarding service that sends emails onto an existing address (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, gmail).