Pouring on the calm: Home Harmony Care goes live

Real-life problems don’t always fit into neat categories. Take the families of busy professionals for example. Many will need more than just straightforward childcare – there’s also running a home to consider. Trying to combine this with working long hours can be a nightmare. The endless list of chores can mean there is hardly any time left over to spend as a family.

Enter Home Harmony Care, a company that offers a unique solution for restoring calm to busy families. Home Harmony Care recruits, trains and places Family Assistants, who work flexibly according to the family’s particular needs. From traditional nannying to domestic help and family organisation, the assistants adapt to the situation as required.

Founder Sophia Fey brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to running her business. She approached Sanders Web Works with a clear vision of her company values and of the audience that she wanted to reach. She wanted a web design agency who could accurately articulate that vision.

The colour palette used in our design combines pink tones often associated with care and children with deep blues that reflect the company’s trustworthiness and complete professionalism. We made use of high-quality images of the Home Harmony Team (supplied by Sophia) and some stock images where necessary.  We also worked with Sophia to produce text that would appeal to her ideal prospective clients, in terms of tone, content and sophistication.

Sophia will be actively using her Home Harmony Care childcare blog, and this is an excellent strategy to keep the site ranked highly by search engines. We therefore incorporated an ‘excerpts’ feature on the site’s home page.

You can read more about the build process in our portfolio entry; please also visit the completed website.

We deal with many companies, but we were struck by the way Home Harmony Care combines an innovative service with a commitment to business ethics, high-quality staff training and customer satisfaction. We wish them all the best with the business.



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