Making a great impression with Cheeky Little Prints

Ever marvelled at your baby’s tiny hand? Smiled as your dog held out a trusting paw? Delighted in your child’s first proper drawing? If so, you’ll immediately see the appeal of Cheeky Little Prints. This small Swindon-based company takes imprints of loved ones – human or animal – and turns them into unique mementos. The imprints can be anything from footprints to signatures, doodles to pawprints, or even horseshoes. Through an ingenious process, Cheeky Little Prints turns these into silver or ceramic keepsakes, such as cufflinks, charms, bookmarks and plates.

The company is owned and run by Lisa Berry. After the birth of her first son, Lisa fell in love with the idea of preserving his fingerprints in silver. Having completed an intensive course in the processes behind this, she decided to turn her passion into a business. As an animal lover (Lisa has a degree in Veterinary Nursing Science), it was a natural decision to add pet keepsakes to her range of products.

Lisa approached Sanders Web Works to redesign her existing website. When we took the project on, Lisa had already done a huge amount of work on the site. With her background in academic research, it’s not surprising that she had already meticulously described and catalogued all of her products. However, she realised that with professional input, the site could be improved considerably.

We started the project by thinking about the website’s usability. As the site had grown, information was becoming harder to locate, and we spent some time thinking about how best to organise this for visitors. The existing branding was strong, and from a design viewpoint, we sought to retain this whilst producing a clean, modern interface. From a technical standpoint, e-commerce needed some work in order to give full functionality. We also developed a mobile version of the site. Lastly, although most of Lisa’s written content remains intact, here and there we have optimised this for the internet.

Cheeky Little Prints allows customers to preserve precious memories of the people (and animals) they love. That’s a fantastic service to offer, and we’re delighted to have contributed towards it. Good luck to Lisa with her business and re-launched website.

You can read more about the development of the site on our portfolio page – please also take a look at the completed Cheeky Little Prints website.

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