Madison’s Canine Grooming is top dog

It’s a rare and lucky person whose passion in life coincides with their work. Lifetime dog-lover Sarah Davis is one example. Sarah owns and runs Madison’s Canine Grooming, a premier dog-grooming service based in Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire. Madison’s operates from a dedicated, fully-equipped salon at Sarah’s home and offers a comprehensive range of grooming services at very reasonable rates. It says something about Sarah’s work that clients visit her from over 90 miles away.

When we were asked to design a website for Madison’s, Sarah’s passion came through right from the start. She not only keeps and grooms dogs, but breeds and shows them, attends seminars on a range of canine issues, and is a member of the Dog’s Trust. Even the Madison’s business name comes from her own beloved English Springer Spaniel.

The grooming business involves a lot of trust between client and supplier, so it was essential that Sarah’s devotion to dogs came through clearly in the content. This needed to be supported through use of images that showed her work. Before-and-after photos can be particularly powerful in this context, so we made full use of those supplied. The site needed to display a lot of information regarding prices, services and offers, and we thought carefully about how all this could be presented without producing a cluttered visual experience. Side boxes to the rescue!

In terms of design, simple sage green and white provided an appropriate tone. Simplicity was essential, given that a lot of text was to be incorporated. You can read more about our design process on our portfolio page.

As web designers, we often encounter business owners who are committed to their business. However, we don’t often come across business owners quite as dedicated as Sarah.  Madison’s Canine Grooming is a real labour of love, and we wish her all the best with it and her brand new website.

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