Expert meditations on life: Louise M Watson update goes live

You’ve got 103 emails to deal with, the washing machine is on the blink, your boss is giving you a hard time – and that’s before you even get to your social and emotional landscape. Another typical day for thousands of people up and down the UK.

Many people have discovered just how helpful meditation can be in dealing with the stresses and strains of modern life (as well as those caused by simply being a human!) That’s where Louise M Watson’s relaunched website comes in.

Louise is a Bournemouth-based teacher of meditation who offers lessons over Skype and in person. Trained by the British School of Meditation, and with considerable experience from her own practice, Louise is well-equipped to teach both beginners and those who have been meditating for some time.

Louise runs a five -week meditation course in Bournemouth. However, for those outside of the area, she also runs one-to-one sessions via Skype. These individual sessions may also be a boon for people who are shy or struggle with social situations. As someone who has learned to deal with her own shyness, Louise is acutely aware of the difficulties that attending group sessions can create. Her one-to-one approach caters for those people who would like to experience the benefits of meditation without having to join a group.

Our work for Louise involved redesigning her existing website to reflect her change in direction. The previous incarnation of the site focused on her blog and her well-received book, Stop Making Your Life a Misery. Both book and blog could be described as ‘self-help’, as they address ways of dealing with persistent negativity, anxiety and other troubles. Louise needed the new site to show her previous content, but to now place the emphasis firmly on her meditation teaching.

We designed and maintained the original version of Louise’s site, and we were delighted to continue working with her on a brand new project. We opted to completely overhaul the site’s look, whilst making clear links to earlier blog posts. As an accomplished writer herself, Louise hardly needed help with the content, but we were at least able to offer a few tweaks to optimise it for the web.

Louise’s project helps people in so many ways, and we wish her well with it. You can read more about building the website on our portfolio page or visit the completed site at

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