Fixed for life: Mainteno goes live

Mainteno is a powerful software system for managing maintenance within a business or other organisation. Beautifully designed, it includes a powerful asset-tracking facility and is adaptable enough to use in more general task management.

To visualise what Mainteno does, imagine the maintenance needs of a large leisure centre. At any one time there may be dozens of issues: a loose tile in the swimming pool, electrical equipment that needs PAD testing, and a frayed cable on the pulldown machine. All these issues need to be reported by staff, prioritised, scheduled, and assigned to in-house maintenance or external contractors. Some will need immediate action, before client or staff are injured. In addition, all communications, receipts, warranties and reports need to be archived and easily accessible. Dealing with maintenance issues like these eats into precious staff time and chips away at the business’s profitability.

Mainteno is a software system that makes managing all this much more straightforward. Faults can be raised, relevant parties (e.g. contractors) alerted, documents archived and so on, all from within one system. And as it’s cloud-based, Mainteno can be accessed anywhere with internet/wi-fi access.

Redro, the company behind Mainteno, needed a professional website that reflected the quality of their service and product. The main role of the website was to act as a source of information to support their marketing. As close neighbours to Redro, we were happy to act as providers. One of our challenges was to deal with the amount of content required. Mainteno has diverse applications, and numerous selling points. We worked with Redro, to crystallise these and make them shine through on the website.

We also emphasised the principal selling points of simplicity, adaptability, affordability and customer support.

Please visit the completed site to see what you think, or visit our portfolio page for more details on the design process.


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