Blueprint Tiger burning bright!

How do you bring together people who want artwork with people who provide it?

That was the question puzzling artist Daniel Papandreou. A graduate of Worcester College of Art, Daniel’s solution was to found a business which does just that. Blueprint Tiger allows prospective clients to post commissions online and for artists to tender for the work. It’s also a vehicle for artists to gain exposure for their portfolio. Daniel hopes to encourage the wealth of artistic talent in Worcester and the surrounding area.

Although we think a website is a important part of any modern business (of course!), in the case of Blueprint Tiger, the website is right at the heart of the enterprise. We were pleased, then, that Daniel decided to entrust us with a commission that was so central to his project.

Daniel’s take on art has a 21st century inclusiveness – ‘art’ encompasses everything from fine art to tattoos, and from graphic design to caricature. The categories we’ve built into the site reflect this. And as Daniel is active on social media, we needed to ensure the website was fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, displaying feeds from his accounts.

Blueprint Tiger is an exciting and growing project for a young artist full of ideas. Good luck to Daniel with his business project.

Visit the Blueprint Tiger site and let us know what you think, or read further details about the project on our portfolio page.

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