Ahead in the clouds: a redesigned site for I-BIT

I-BIT is a company on a mission: to provide a 21st century solution to the IT needs of businesses. Specifically, they migrate business computing from the office to the cloud, resulting in IT that is  – as I-BIT puts it – ‘agile, economical and easy to maintain.’

As a B2B technology company, I-BIT’s website forms a key part of their overall marketing. However, their existing site was no longer fit for purpose. For example, the necessarily large amount of content was beginning to compromise the site’s usability.

I-BIT website on display
I-BIT’s new website supports their presence at conferences or other events.

Sanders Web Works worked with I-BIT to reorganise the site, accommodating their wide range of services and partner providers within a more streamlined structure. We then set about creating a new design. Starting from the existing branding, we produced a design that we believe reflects the company’s raison d’etre of embracing the future. For example, our colour palette makes full use of the rich orange that already appeared in their logo. The addition of animations gives the site a dynamic feel and allows text to be introduced in a visually interesting way.

I-BIT are in the vanguard of companies that are revolutionising how business IT functions, replacing clunky premises-based computing with elegant cloud-based solutions. We’re happy that they chose to work with us to support their vision.

More information on the design process appears on our portfolio page. Also, please take a look at the completed website. Let us know what you think!

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