Yesindeedey cookie dough goes live!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of

Yesindeedy are British suppliers of quality cooking dough. Headed by husband-and-wife team Ken and Julie, Yesindeedey offer a range of American-style cookie doughs to the domestic market and for charity events. The flavours are suitably irresistible and include Double Chocolate Doozey, Butterlicious and Juicy Fruity. The dough is formulated to allow even a novice to quickly and easily bake their own perfect, tasty cookies.

Ken and Julie began by supplying their dough to charity and other events. The response to their first product was so positive that they set up a company (and developed more products) to meet the demand. A professionally-built website was the next logical step in supporting their expansion plans. We were happy to oblige, building an ecommerce site that allowed site visitors to buy the dough online. In addition to producing the website, we also worked with the owners to develop the product branding.

The owners provided high quality images of the dough and cookies, and we made full use of these. They have already created a youtube video and a number of recipes, and these are incorporated into the site. You can see the finished website and our comments on the project here, or go directly to their site.

We wish Ken and Julie continued success with conquering the home baking market. Or to put it another way, everybody ‘kneads’ delicious cookies in their lives, so we hope they make lots of ‘dough’!


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